Newslexia is the new, innovative way to stay updated.

Newslexia, or News Reading Disorder, is for all of us who are bored reading the news, or watching news on TV. People like us would like a simple, fast and creative way to get updated. So Newslexia is just that, a creative way to stay updated through your social media feed.


Our way of work is simple, we pick the top headlines of the week. We design the news really fast and we upload them on social media.
The news we read on newspapers, listen to radio, watching TV or browsing on the Internet are really helpful because the help us stay updated with goes on around the world. But aren’t they boring? They use boring words, they waste a lot of our time and they are not at all creative and smart.

Could design replace the all these media? No! Because they give a great amount of info in contrast with design. But we believe that design can give much more quality informations to the people. Because it feeds our brain with a new form of language, a more fun and creative one. Therefore, our brain loves that!

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