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About Transifex.

Transifex is an industry leader in localization. The company was founded in 2010 and since then is one of the most advanced tools for managing translations on websites or apps, with over 4 million dollar investment.

Our mission for Transifex.

The main focus was to refresh the company’s image, increase costumers and demo requests on the marketing website. With that in mind we worked closely with Filippos Protogeridis on the UI/UX Design, as well as the Transifex marketing team.

Befoolish is a energetic team of talented people with a ton of fresh ideas. Super dedicated to what they do. They helped us understand our own vision and expand it to the world, as well as innovated on our coding architecture.

Dimitris Glezos, Founder & CEO

What we achieved.

The result of the project was first of all, to refresh the company’s visual identity in order to make it friendly, simple, clean and modern. We then worked on the marketing website, from bottom to top focusing on great User Experience design.